Outdoor Fun

12 Aug Photo Ops in Phoenix

At Phelps Law, with offices in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa, we love the outdoor opportunities available to us in the Phoenix Valley. There are so many wonderful things to do, places to go, and much to see. One of the extraordinary advantages of living here...

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fun things to do in April in Phoenix - bicycle in front of a wall with framed art pieces

31 Mar Fun Things to do in April in Phoenix

All work and no play is not a healthy lifestyle. We need to take time out to decompress from the daily grind. Sleep, diet, and exercise are essential; so are rest and recreation. In the spirit of relaxation, Phelps Law, a second generation estate planning...

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ballooning in Phoenix - hot air balloons over a mountainous area

28 Feb Ballooning in Phoenix

We do Estate Planning at Phelps Law, helping individuals and families plan for a secure future. But we also love to enjoy and make the most of the present. Want some adventure? The Arizona Balloon Festival and Race is one of the major metropolitan ballooning...

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Golfing In Phoenix, Arizona - silhouette of a person playing gold

30 Jan Golfing In Phoenix, Arizona

How would you like to win a million dollars playing golf? This weekend, someone will do just that. Golfing in Phoenix, Arizona enjoys its biggest boost of the year this weekend with the Phoenix Open at the TPC in Scottsdale. At Phelps Law, we all...

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