I recommend Jeff as a competent and compassionate lawyer!

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Upon my relocation to the State of Arizona I sought the services of a trust lawyer.  As a divorced woman with property and other resources I made that activity a priority.  Mr. S. Phelps , now retired took on the task.  He prepared a very fine and manageable binder for me.

When Mr. Phelps retired he assured me he had at least one son who would continue his work and maintain the trusts for all those had entrusted his father.  For a number of years I attended the review sessions held to update trusts in accordance with changing laws.  Since my trust was established in 2004 I attended one such session in 2016 presented by Jeffrey A. LaClair, a lawyer within Phelps Law.

I knew the time had come to go through a complete review and update.  Of course this led to time and energy, plus lengthy discussions with financial advisors as well as Mr. LaClair.  He was there for me to advise and revise over a four month period.

Graphically he mapped for me a visual of what we needed to do to update and become more inclusive within my existing trust.  He communicated with people that needed to know what needed to be done as well as offering me wise counsel and complete attention to my thinking.

I recommend him as a competent and compassionate lawyer.  The topics of planning for ones wishes to continue after they cannot manage their own affairs is not easy – but I feel the guidance and wisdom of the process by Mr. LaClair allowed me to feel – task and results well done.  Thank you Jeff.