19 May Get to Know Phelps Law Pt. 2

We Know What Works Most first generation estate planning law firms have very little experience implementing living trusts in real life. However, at Phelps Law, we don’t just design living trusts on the “front end,” we also implement them on the “back end.” We have decades...

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12 May Get to Know Phelps Law Pt. 1

Who We Are In the early 1980’s, Stephen Phelps, an Arizona native, closed his piano studio and decided to help bring peace of mind to people through preparing living trusts. He worked to educate people on what a trust is, how it benefits them, protects them,...

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Asset Protection

07 Apr Asset Protection and LLC’s

Asset Protection is something that anyone with significant assets needs to consider. We live in a time when many Americans believe that they have the right to sue anyone at any time for any reason: nearly $300 billion in lawsuits is filed in this country...

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