Getting Started with Phelps Law

Phelps Law is a relationship law firm. That means our job is not about just preparing documents, rather we want to be here to help you from the beginning to the end. We will help you: design your plan based on your goals; implement your plan so it will work in real life; keep your plan up to date over the years; and then help your loved ones administer and reap the benefits of your plan in your absence.



Creating your estate plan or having your existing estate planning documents reviewed and updated typically involves the following steps:

STEP 1:  Schedule Your Initial Consultation

We offer every new estate planning client (whether you already have an estate plan or not) a 1-½ hour no cost, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling our office at (480) 892-2488 or by clicking here to request a free consultation.

STEP 2:  Prepare for Your Initial Consultation

After your initial consultation has been scheduled, we will send you an estate planning worksheet.  You may also click here to download the worksheet.  This worksheet will help us stay on task at the consultation so we can give you the best advice possible. We ask that you fill out the questionnaire as completely as possible prior to your initial consultation, and send it to us beforehand if possible.  Do not worry if you are undecided on matters such as who will be the beneficiaries or who will serve as your decision-makers.  One purpose of the initial consultation is to discuss those very issues and help you make the best decisions possible.

If you already have estate planning documents such as a will, trust or powers of attorney, it would be good to bring the documents with you so we can review them together and determine whether they meet your current needs.

Click here to download your Estate Planning Worksheet

STEP 3:  Attend the Initial Consultation and Begin Designing Your Plan

The primary goal of the initial consultation is to help us understand your family dynamics, priorities, values, goals and concerns in order to gain some insight about the proper planning for your particular situation.  Once we have learned about you, we will help you better understand your estate planning options and how your plan might be best tailored to accomplish your goals.

A NOTE REGARDING OUR FEES: At the end of the initial consultation, we will give you a firm, flat fee quote based on the services we will provide (NOT based on a percentage of your net worth).  We do not bill by the hour. Our fees are all-inclusive so you never have to worry about getting a surprise bill in the mail, even when you call us with questions years down the road!

STEP 4:  Signing Meeting

Usually about 2-3 weeks following our planning meeting, you will meet with your attorney again to go over all of your documents and sign them.  If your estate plan includes a trust, we will also discuss what follow-up needs to happen in the way of “funding” your trust by transferring your assets into your trust. We will help you through the funding process until we know it’s done!

STEP 5:  Staying in Contact – The Phelps Law Free “Lifetime Service Package”

Our approach is unique. The signing of your estate planning documents is the beginning, not the end, of our relationship.  We realize that our clients will only have peace of mind if they know their planning remains current.  As your family changes, as your assets change and as the law changes your plan may need to be updated to accommodate these changes.  For this reason, we invite you to dust off the cobwebs and meet with us at least every 3 years for a free trust review. This is just one part of the Phelps Law Lifetime Service Package. Unlike many other attorneys in the area, we charge no annual fees for this service.

Click here to learn more about this unique program offered to all of our living trust clients.