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30 Nov Benefits of Exercise

We have all heard how exercise can be beneficial to our mind, body and soul. Have we taken the time to truly understand or pay attention to how exercise can actually improve our lives? Phelps Law is passionate about protection of your assets, drafting strategic estate plans and having a healthy life balance. Exercise is one of the areas that helps with life balance.

Getting Back in the Game

We all have spurts of activity or exercise where we are doing great for a while, but then miss a day, and then two days… and suddenly it’s been months since we’ve been active. That is a natural pattern of exercise, unfortunately, but there is never a bad time to get back into it. It is important to engage in moderate-intense aerobic activity. You can start with something as simple as brisk walking. If you start out slowly, listen to your body, and regularly check in with your doctor about the best ways for you to be active, you will likely have a positive and injury-free re-entry experience to the world of exercise.

Advantages of Exercise

There are many advantages or benefits of exercise that we often overlook. There are a few that may be the main reason people exercise, but overall, it is beneficial to all areas of your life. Benefits include:

  • Increase of Energy: Exercising releases oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, which increases natural energy in your body.
  • Improvement of Mental Health and Mood: The hormones released with exercise are your “happy hormones,” which trigger moods of joy, gladness, and happiness.
  • Reduce Risk for Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer: Regular activity increases your body’s immune system to fight off diseases more effectively.
  • Improve Agility and Stamina: The more you exercise, the more your body will become agile, and your capacity to do more physically will increase.
  • Increase Lung Capacity: Working out your lungs through aerobic exercise allows you to breath better and increase lung function.
  • Weight Control: Being regularly active will help maintain a healthy balance and weight for for your body that will lead to overall health improvement.

While there are endless benefits to exercise, it important for you to identify the “why” for yourself. The “why” will motivate you to become active when you are not feeling like it. Whether your “why” is to control weight, prevent disease or to feel happier, it is important to identify that for yourself.

Phelps Law understands and knows the benefits of regular exercise. Exercise can be doing something you love like hiking, dancing, running, or whatever else gets you active. Contact us today for all your legal needs!


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