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05 Jan Tips to New Year’s Success

Every December, millions of people resolve to make a change to their lives in the upcoming year. This could be letting go of a bad habit or picking up a positive habit. Frequently, however, people tend to bite off more than they can chew and end up not being able to follow through with the resolution they made for themselves. Phelps Law, serving the greater Phoenix area, is here to help you, not only with all your estate planning needs, but also with some practical ways to find success in your New Year’s resolutions.

Practical Tips

The road to success can get quickly overwhelming. Success starts with one step at a time. If we look at the big picture, it can sometimes be paralyzing rather than motivating. When we focus on one thing at a time, and create attainable goals for ourselves, we won’t give up so easily. Create manageable goals with a flexible timeline to bring a sense of victory to each little step you make, which helps create momentum. Here are some goals with examples of practical ways you can break them down into steps:

*Become a rock star: Anyone would love to play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix, but it took him years to get that good. If you want to learn an instrument, give yourself time to learn the basics, and start with learning one song at a time.
*Become a master chef: Being able to cook well is an excellent skill to have. Buy a new cookbook and try a new recipe each week.
*Get in shape: This is a very common resolution that many people quit on after a month. To be successful in this, set reasonable goals. If you haven’t worked out at all in months, a goal of running every day may be not possible for you. Start with two or three days a week, and find a workout buddy to help with motivation. Celebrate each little victory.
*Read more: Depending on the amount of time and your reading level, a great way to fulfill this goal is to read a new book once a month, or even twice a month if you are a speedy reader.
*Eat healthy: When your diet consists mainly of sugary foods or takeout every day, start small by adding a piece of fruit into your routine. Then work towards increasing the amount of healthy foods you eat each week and decreasing some of the unhealthy ones.
*Explore the world: Traveling is an excellent way to build confidence, enjoy life and see what the world has to offer. This may be a lofty goal if you work a lot or finances are tight. The best way is to start by seeing the sites right around you. We often think of faraway as the only option for “real” travel, but we don’t have to go far to explore. Take time to discover what is great around you.
*Learn a language: This is a great goal to help you in both your professional life as well as your personal life. Setting steps for yourself will help you be the most successful with learning a new language, such as learning ten phrases a month.

Resolutions are a great thing. They help us reflect on where we were and where we want to be. Just don’t forget to be practical and set attainable goals. Phelps Law wants to see you succeed!


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